A beautiful thing that turned out to be surprisingly useful... Why I bought a moses basket in the first place.

I'm one of those people who can normally find a way to justify any purchase if I try hard enough.  It's not a particularly good thing and it can end up being pretty expensive.

When I was preggers I often used to lie awake for part of the night, whilst Mr. snored beside me, looking at baby products online.  We live in a flat that is fine for size but not exactly spacious.  We have a spare room but decided to make our wardrobe area upstairs into a nursery for the baby so that we could keep the spare room spare for visitors and junk.  Mostly junk.

Because we didn't have a nursery to do up, I bought only a few decorative things, and just stuck to the basics.  We decided to have L in a Snuzpod beside the bed for ease [aside... I still found feeding in the night quite difficult logistically] which we got second hand.  But one night I came across these beautiful colourful moses baskets on instagram and knew I wanted one right away.  I just loved them.  I ordered one a couple of nights later, from far away and it cost a small fortune.  Didn't tell the Mr.  

As I say, we weren't planning on using the moses basket for night time, and I actually didn't know what I was going to do with it, but as soon as the baby was here it came into it's own.  In the evening when we were cooking, watching tv [when I wasn't relentlessly feeding.  Those first weeks are looooong], or when I was pottering in the day, she settled in there on top of a sheepskin rug all cosy and sheltered.  She was close by but somehow not as exposed as when she was lying out on a rug / sleepyhead etc.  Anyone else have these terrible nightmarish flash-forwards about tripping and falling on top of a baby on a rug.  Yeah, that.  It felt safer than being on a blanket, more sheltered from the glow of the TV, closer than the bedroom, when they are so little and even the bedroom feels far away.  It turned out it was an awesome, useful piece of kit that I used far more than I expected.

Now it serves as a toy basket in our front room, it's where all the teddies hug-on together. It still looks lovely.


If you are looking for ways to justify buying a moses basket from Bosie Baby or elsewhere, here are some ideas:

  • It's a great way to keep your little one close by no matter where you are in the house, and the Bosie Baby baskets will last and last - through more children, as a toy basket, or if you pass it on to friends
  • They are safe, protective and cosy for baby, which is reassuring when you are new to the game, or just a loving human being in general (!)
  • The Bosie Baby baskets look beautiful, there's one to suit every style, and if you don't have a whole nursery to style, it's something a bit different to the norm that will look beautiful in any room of your house

Being practical about it, washing sheets is a bit of a pain in the arse and when you are seriously tired even taking out the mattress and replacing the sheet can be just a bit much.  We recommend using the sheet but then covering at least the head end with a muslin that you can whip off and replace when baby inevitably does a mini puke / dribble etc. etc.  Aden and Anais / Konges Slojd make some nice ones as I'm a particular fan of coloured and patterned ones that are a nice alternative to white and don't show stains.

For extra comfort and cosiness, not to mention the health benefits, line your basket with a sheepskin rug.  Coming soon to Bosie Baby.  Join our newsletter to be kept up to date with new arrivals.