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Safe use

- Please check the NHS guidelines on baby sleep and moses basket use.

- Do not leave your baby unattended.

- Do not carry the basket with your baby inside.  Move the basket and then put baby into the basket.

- We recommend placing your moses basket on the floor.  Our baskets may fit moses basket stands that you can purchase from other outlets - any kind of stand is used at your own risk and again, don't leave your baby unsupervised.

- Avoid loose bedding or toys in the basket and always place your baby on it's back, foot to foot.

- When a baby is inside the moses basket, we recommend pushing handles out to the side and keeping the baby and basket away from open flames, direct heat sources like radiators [see NHS guidelines on heat of baby's room for sleeping] and obstacles that may fall and cause injury.

- Our baskets may fit the Cocoonababy or the Sleepyhead but have not been safety approved for use with these items.  Use these at your own risk.

- Please contact us for any other questions we would love to help: hellobosiebaby@gmail.com