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OWL (i) moses basket [shipping w/c 13th August]

OWL (i) moses basket [shipping w/c 13th August]

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This natural, flecked moses basket is simple and stylish.  Hand woven in Africa using natural grasses, with leather-wrapped handles, this beauty speaks for itself.  Simple and understated for a neutral or monochrome nursery, or simply a calm spot for your little one in a chaotic home.  

What you need to know: 

- Our baskets are ethically sourced from Ghana, weavers are paid for the basket and then receive an additional 10% commission from the sale.  Our weavers are paid the most in the market. 

- Each basket as unique as the small person who will use it.  You are getting something really special for your nursery or home - please remember that these are artisan products and as such they will have natural variations. Please take a look at the images for how some variations can look. If you wish to see pictures of the baskets available before purchase please email hellobosiebaby@gmail.com

- Please see our "Safe Use" page for reference, to keep your baby safe in the basket 

- Approximate dimensions: Length 30" / Width 16" / Height 10.5” & 8"