Sheepskin Pram Liner Shorn - Oaty [shipping by mid May]
Sheepskin Pram Liner Shorn - Oaty [shipping by mid May]

Sheepskin Pram Liner Shorn - Oaty [shipping by mid May]

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This two-piece Bowron pram liner fits virtually any pushchair, and fits around a 5-part harness.  Easy to add or remove from your pram, they regulate baby's temperature so they are perfect all year round to keep your little one comfy.  The two sections join with velcro and can be adjusted to fit your pram and the size of your baby.

These ultra soft, safely treated sheepskins are made specifically for babies to ensure there are no harmful chemicals used in the processing so you can relax whilst baby gets comfy.

The best bit is they can be washed in your washing machine at 30 degrees.

Therapeutic and soothing

- Wool is therapeutic for skin

- Studies have shown babies spending time on animal fur can reduce Asthma by up to 79% []


Safe, sanitized, and machine washable

- No pesticides, no organic tin compounds, no AZO dyestuffs, no heavy metals, no chlorinated chemicals used in any stage of the tanning process

- Meets the requirements of OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100

- Free of vegetable matter or other foreign material and fibre loss minimal.

- Sanitized to ensure effective protection against bacteria, moulds and mites through many washes.